Thursday, May 24, 2012

Luke West Is Talented And Going For A Dream

Luke West

My young cousin Luke West is a competitive figure skater at the novice level and is training this skating season to make it to the US National Championships and hopefully medal there. 

I had a chance to see this performance and he blew me away. I am so proud of him! Luke moved to Montreal in 2010 to train with Bruno Marcotte, a former international competitive pairs skater who is now a very respected international coach. In addition to Bruno Marcotte, Luke works with a team of coaches and choreographers in Montreal including Sylvie Fullum, Julie Marcotte, John Mattatal, Anthony Evans, Nicholas Young and Andrea Chong. The team of coaches that Bruno has put together for Luke is working extremely well. He is transforming from a young skater into a competitive figure skater. 

Just recently, Luke and his family spent a week in Colorado Springs with Tom Zakrajsek, the premier freestyle skating coach in the world. After three days he told Luke he has what it takes to be a champion. Zakrajsek would like Luke to train there with his team of coaches ASAP. This is very exciting!

Please follow Luke's budding career as professional athlete on FaceBook and check out Luke's website. It takes a village to raise a child let alone a professional figure skater. Luke's family is fundraising to help make his dream come true to compete internationally and The Olympics. I see this happening - not only is he that good, but he has a tremendous heart. At such a young age, he is a role model much needed in competitive sports. 

The more support we can give, the more he can focus on skating and continue to be the shining, generous, dedicated super star that he already is. 

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