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Kim is an Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT), meditation teacher and a Certified Health Coach. Her dedication to health and wellness comes from her passion for yoga and nutritious food. Gravitating towards the healing aspects of yoga from the inside out, Kim is a compassionate, creative teacher. Asana practice is slow flow while bringing mindfulness to alignment and the breath. Meditation is guided with traditional Buddhist practices. Her strong background and training in therapeutics lends diversity to students who are recovering from injuries or in need of healing. She created a seasonal cleanse 10 Day Mind/Body/Spirit Detox Program integrating The Yamas and Niyamas into a mindful wellness program.

In the early 90s, Kim's personal practice developed under the guidance of Anthony Benenati City Yoga, LA. Kim is thankful for his guidance and the many other gifted yoga and meditation teachers that have shared their knowledge and courage. As meditation is a daily practice for Kim, she created an online venue, Daily Sit, where anyone can join her and friends for meditation from anywhere Saturday mornings 9:00 EST. Twice monthly, Kim volunteers at Lenox Hill Women's Shelter in NYC guiding a Mindful Movement and Meditation class.

Kim has yoga certifications from OM Yoga NYC, Yoga For Two The Barnes Method, Relax and Renew Judith Hansen Lasater, and Anatomy Studies For Yoga Teachers with Jason R. Brown. Kim's meditation teaching's are Buddhist based studied with the sangha at The Interdependence Project. She graduated from their inaugural Buddhist Studies Teacher Training program. The year long rigorous study and practice was the deepest immersion yet into philosophical, psychological, and ethical principals which are the backbone of Buddhist traditions and yoga.
The natural progression of integrating creativity with health is what Kim loves to share with her friends, clients, students and anyone who sees that we are all creative and unique.

Sit, breathe, and smile on the inside.

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