Sitting Project


Take care of your mind and you will see.

Please seek help and guidance if the going gets rough.

You are not alone.

I encourage a daily meditation practice and journaling. If you need help in getting started contact me.

I will support you.

This is an ongoing project expressing creativity. 

The texts are snippets from my meditation journal post sitting. The photos I have been collecting when I remember to take one usually before practice.

First post October 2, 2012

Everything is going to be OK - 40 min

Hindrance. sex on the mind. - 35 min

mind. no mind. luminous mind. thank you EV. - 35 min

crying how much i ask of my body. no pain while sitting. - 35 min

is it that i am afraid of breaking someone else's heart or my own?  both. - 40 min

practice has felt healing lately. memoir writing is healing. - 40 min

when i am with the breath and present i feel relaxed and free - 40 min.

distracted. concerned about right hip. - 40 min

 the more i slow down the faster it goes. - 30 min

ugh it out. hahah. - 25 min

so fast today. insanely sane. 30 min

I am a sweet little bird - 30 min

skanda practice. hamstrings as body. - 30 min. 

i take refuge until i am enlightened - 30 min

in the Buddha the Dharma the Sangha - 30 min

and from the collection of merit that i create - 30 min

from the practices of generosity and the rest - 30 min

may i become a Buddha - 30 min

for the benefit of all beings - 35 min

stayed with the" scary" feeling of forgetting to breathe - 45 min 

time will tell - 30 min

where i will be - 35 min

but as for now - 30 min

i am here - 35 min 

the water can't hold the reflection of the light - 30 min

the leaves can't hold the breeze - 30 min

ireland. killenard. happy to be here with mom - 20 min

killarney. quite at ease here. driving is stressful. - 20 min

killarney. beautiful. grateful for practice, mind and life. thank you mom. - 20 min

looking out a picture window at the greens of galway. Be here now. - 20 min

look before you leap. happy birthday me. xoxo. 20 min

he's a prick for saying that. it's just an opinion. 25 min. 

ideas abound. feeling free. the trip had many purposes. - 35 min

seems to be making more sense why i am here that is - 35 min

OK today. 4 hours sleep. - 20 min.

the leaves in the tree flutter. birds sing songs. - 30 min
imaginary wooden block on my neck snuck back on. i removed it. - 30 min.


There are many avenues for guidance and study - The ID Project is one of them.
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