Friday, March 14, 2014

Savasana Station Indiegogo Campaign

Coming April 2014

Our Mission at Savasana Station is to teach the value of slowing down to find inner peace and wealth in health. We provide the teachings and techniques for people to experience true relaxation, feel better about themselves, have fun, and be active in a community and our world. We are committed to building relationships that reflect our core values of integrity, generosity, respect, joy and love.

I am asking for your support!
Please help with the success of this yoga studio. Visit the Indiegogo Campaign page for "perks" and all-round goodwill support for launching before the doors open. Classes and scheduling to be announced. Savasana Station will be open 7 days a week, offering at least 35 classes a week. Late classes were requested, and so you shall receive! Citibike station located right on the block. Savasana Station is your rest and refuel stop.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Take In The Good Detox Starts Tomorrow!

When I lead a whole foods detox there are three main components:
  1. Cooking and eating whole vegan food 
  2. Contemplative practice 
  3. Group support system via Face Book  
Three reasons why you would want to do a whole foods detox:
  1. Reduce inflammation - this is huge and has an overall impact on mood, joint health and energy
  2. Feel lighter - recognize changes you can make that effect you, others and the environment and yeah, you may shed a few pounds
  3. Look at addictions - foods, drink, habits and patterns by removing dramatically mood altering foods and substances 
I am excited to present in the new year this 6 day whole foods detox as a few people asked for one - a thoughtful, interactive HSL detox. For our contemplative work I've chosen to weave in the philosophies of neuropsychologist and meditation teacher, Rick Hanson, PH.D., specifically his presentation of "taking in the good" from Buddha's Brain. Daily emails are sent to clients during the cleanse on how to work with taking in the good. "Much as your body is built from the foods you eat, your mind is built from the experiences you have." ~ Rick Hanson, Buddha's Brain the practical neuroscience of happiness, love & wisdom

The detox booklet contains:  
  • a suggested shopping list   
  • meal suggestions during the cleanse  
  • nutritional information  
  • recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • soul warming ginger- fennel stock  
  • a recipe for Vitamin B-12 intake during vegan eating if need be
  • my favorite smoothie - "chocolate cake mix"  
All of the recipes are for more than one serving - cook once eat two, three or four times. Try having soup for breakfast if it's ready and convenient. For more information and registration please visit my website. Starts Sunday, Jan 26. The detox booklet will be sent to you when you register. I start group support on a "secret" closed Face Book page on the 26th. Joining the group is not necessary to do the detox, but it is very helpful.
Hope to you have you join us. This detox is for all levels of experience from first timers in the kitchen to first time detoxers. No food processors or "fancy" kitchen appliances necessary. Do what you can. My cleanses are for meat and potato eaters as much as they are for vegans. Everyone learns something. :-)  
"Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the very inspiring and profound detox guidance. I am sure it wasn't easy guiding a group "virtually"... you've pulled it off beautifully! ... looking forward to future updates!"  

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Take In The Good Jan Detox 1/26-31

Ready to make some changes? Or at least have a look at what's going on with you?

We eat whole real food during my detox programs. Please join me, (yup, I'm right there with you doing the same stuff I am asking you to do) and the group for 6 days of taking in the good. We will explore not only taking in good nutritious food choices, but noticing when we feel good and taking some time to soak that in.

Complete details and registration are on my website.