Monday, April 30, 2012

Coachella 2012

3 Day Music Festival In The Desert 
April 20 - 22

Coachella site created by my friend Chevon Hicks at Heavenspot

Top bands that I saw: Radiohead, The Hives, The Black Keys, Florence and The Machine, Bon Iver, Mazzy Star

Scorching hot if you get there before 5, which I learned that on Friday, day one. Bands started at 1:00 PM and played until 1:00 AM. That's a lot of music. I think there were 5 stages. VIP pass for parking and venue is also the way to go. I didn't want to deal with drinking and driving, so I didn't buy parking when I bought my pass, but since I didn't drink, driving wasn't an issue and worth the $50 for the parking pass which actually costs more to shuttle yourself to and from ... and the walk to get out of there! Holy crap. Took me over an hour! I got lost in all of the "fake" streets and ended up in the wrong shuttle lot.

I don't consider Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre a band. I am rock -n -roll. In fact I would have left before the closing act and had no desire to see the hologram, but I didn't so I could get a ride home with these guys in the photo above. Very generous of them to take me to and from on Sunday.

Overall loved my Coachella experience and will go again if I don't have to buy that steep $ VIP pass. I won't turn down an offer of a pass and I'd prefer an Artist or Film one for next time. Just saying. Also, would be fun to have a friend or two along, though I am adventurous and happy to tackle the world on my own. I like making friends.

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