Friday, March 16, 2012

Vanilla Cake Mix Smoothie from Thai Coconut

Tools and Ingredients:
One Thai young coconut
Really sturdy large knife
Regular hammer
Good aim
Protective eye wear wouldn't be a bad idea
1 frozen banana
dash of cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, vanilla
pinch of sea salt

This can be very dangerous so pay attention!
Those are swim goggles. They may not pass eye protection wear standards for other than coconut water.

Opening The Coconut
First go around the crown of the coconut with the knife prying away the outer layer of the coconut.

Cover the top of the coconut with the plastic it was wrapped in. This helps with coconut water spraying out.

Place the pointed end of your knife an inch or so from the center of the coconut and whack the end of your knife with the hammer until it goes through the hard shell. The knife should go into the coconut a couple of inches then pry open that section. Pull your knife out carefully and whack open another section. Usually 2 or 3 times will be enough.

Pull off the "lid" that you have now opened.

Vanilla Cake Mix Smoothie 
Pour coconut water into a blender. Taste it to make sure it isn't "off". Just like spoiled milk, coconut water can be "off". You will know it. Kind of tastes spiked and sour, not semi sweet and like what you imagine good coconut water to taste like.

Next scrape out the "meat" of the coconut with a sturdy tablespoon. There are many different textures of meat. Sometimes it can be really slimy and thin and sometimes pretty hard and thick. Most of the time I use all of the meat. Really depends on the texture.

Add in frozen banana and spices. Blend on high.

Drink up and say "mmmmmm"

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