Monday, January 3, 2011

Heart Broken Open

Smiling with tears
Swimming without fear
Laughing in the morning blizzard
Electric love

First cries
Last sighs
A kiss that takes your breath away

Feel another’s heart beating
Touch the sunlight on a freckle
Hands clawing like the flicker of a flame
Every pore opens

Prolong desire
Everything ends

Stay open
The ride is not black and white
There is much to learn in the grey

When a heart is broken open
Love is devotion
Selfless affection
Om namah shivaya



  1. Love this. A kiss that takes your breath away is the best feeling ever. I've been writing a lot lately about my heart being broken open, trusting the sadness and keeping it open to deepen my love. It scares me but, funny enough, the more I trust in it, the calmer I feel. The more I want to stay open. Thanks for this poem. I love these words.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts. There is a calmness in the center.